Dolled Up

    March 22, 2019

    The first ever ballet my mum took me to was ‘Coppelia’, I remember it so clearly, I was totally mesmerised and I laughed from start to finish.

    If you have never seen or heard of it then I’ll summarise very briefly; ‘Coppélia’ or ‘The Girl with Enamel Eyes’ is about a toy maker who creates a ‘daughter’ – a mechanical doll who is so life-like that she fools everyone. A young man is so captivated by her that he falls in love but someone is suspicious and finds out what she really is.

    It wasn’t until I saw this image that memories of this ballet came flooding back to me and I realised how much truth that story told……..

    We are society’s ‘daughters’, moulded into life-like dolls, told how to move, how to look and how to act.

    How many people have you fooled with your confidence and charm when you are actually someone full of hurt and worry?
    How many times have you smiled and told people how happy you are and what a great day you are having when actually you spent the day screaming into a pillow and wondering if you will ever feel real happiness?

    I know I have… time and time again.

    Do you think that everything you see is how someone is truly feeling? Do you think that showing people a false way of living is inspiring?

    One day that wind up key won’t work and it will all come crashing down. Welcome that day, embrace it and understand it may be the best thing to ever happen to you.

    My doll days are over…..

    I will embrace every good day but when I’m struggling and have bad days I won’t hide them and I will not be ashamed.

    I will make sure that when the curtain goes down my legacy will be truth, love, fun and laughter.

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